Stylish Alligator Clutch Purses Shoulder Bags for Women
. 100% Genuine Alligator Skin
. Dimensions: 10.8″ L x 2.9″ D x 5.9″ H inches (27.5cm L x 7.5cm D x 15cm H)
. Color: Yellow, Blue, Beige
. Lining: Excellent cowhide from Italy
Handles: they are not adjustable and rigid, provided with a semi-circular shape and realized in the same color and leather as the bag.
. Every alligator leather bag is unique because it is made from the original alligator leather, not from the embossing pattern cow leather.

Clutch purses and shoulder bags are some of the unique items that ladies love to buy. Though, these are available in any shop and are very tough to choose from the wide collection. Since these are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The Stylish Alligator Clutch Purses Shoulder bag for women is one of the attractive items.

Here are some features of the Stylish Alligator Clutch Purses Shoulder bag for women that you should know about:

Quality material used:

You will love the bag because of its high-quality alligator leather in terms of soft texture. No doubt, the alligator leather offers a very smooth touch to your fingers. This is a wonderful feature that attracts ladies. The golden buckle on the front and middle of the purse is highly appealing. Not only that, women like its long strap to hang it on the shoulders.

Speaking of the quality of leather, the material will allow you to enjoy its longevity. The long strap is durable and solid, and there are no chances of breaking on its own. Even, it can bear strain and stress without any breakage.

Color of this amazing bag:

The clutch bag comes in three diverse colors; all of them are appealing, shiny, and trendy. So, you will love to choose your favorite shade from yellow, blue, beige.

Indeed, all the shades are simple as well as the purse will not get stained easily. If you feel that the clutch has gotten stains, then you can wash it simply, and there will be no more stains.

The cleaning process is simple and easy, so it is undoubtedly easy to care for. Due to the high-quality and washable Alligator leather, you will not regret your decision. The colors are permanent, and these will not fade after some uses.

An insight to Shape:

Enjoy its single size that is common as well as pretty average. You can probably fit some of your small items like a compact make-up kit, small wallet, and mobile phone.

Enjoy its symmetric design on the leather that increases its beauty. Its average size is ideal for women who want to keep their burden low when they are outside.

Key Features

  • The purse has the capacity to bear strain on straps at least half a pound.
  • It means you can place your important accessories in the clutch.
  • The purse is lightweight and compact.
  • Its alligator leather is ideal for offering durability and solidity.
  • Contains ergonomic design and offers a slim and sleek look
  • The purse is roomy enough for a smartphone, lipstick, and others
  • Diversity of color is suitable for women
  • The strap is solid enough, but it will not hurt your shoulder.
  • Due to versatility, this is the most suitable item for different activities.

Final thoughts

We really found the purse to be a wonderful product. So that you can use this bag for all your functions and parties. No doubt, this is an excellent item for the ladies who want to keep some small and necessary accessories with them.